Our Platinum sponsors

Win Combell hosting or a PHPStorm license

Our very friendly sponsors JetBrains and Combell are donating gifts for our Drupalcamp raffle.


JetBrains gives away seven free personal licenses for PhpStorm, the perfect Drupal IDE. The PhpStorm IDE comes with a bundled Drupal Plugin, providing functionality for modules, themes as well as for core Drupal development for Drupal 6, 7 or 8. Combine that with PhpStorm’s excellent PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript support, automatic code inspections, debugging and unit testing support and you have a great tool for developing your next Drupal application. Read more on how you can get started with Drupal development in PhpStorm.


After having developed that Drupal website or application using PhpStorm, you of course need some domain name and hosting to show it off to the world. 

Combell, the well-known and #1 hosting partner in the Benelux, adds a number of hosting packages with domain names to our raffle.

The Combell hosting packages help you with your hosting. Have a look at their line-up of packages and their great mover service!

How to win

Send a cool tweet using the hashtag #DrupalCampGhent and we will nominate you for a free PhpStorm license or Combell hosting package. We will select the best tweets to enter in a raffle and announce the winners soon after the event.

So you could for example:

  • tweet about the session you just followed
  • tweet your opinion about this DrupalCamp
  • shout out to the great sponsors
  • add a picture with you and your colleagues
  • show off with the number of ribs you ate at our all-you-can-eat social Rib Night

Include the #DrupalCampGhent hashtag and win!