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Become a volunteer

Drupalcamp Ghent is totally run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, who are putting much effort into delivering you a great experience during Drupalcamp Ghent.
However we are still looking for people to help us out during the event, and contribute a little bit of their time to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Specifically we are looking for people to help with:

  • Set up on friday morning - cleanup on saturday evening (set up rooms, sponsor tables, add signs, ...)
  • Registration desk & help desk (welcoming attendees, handing out badges, providing information, ...)
  • Room monitors (assist speakers, crowd management, watch the time, ...)
  • Video recording support (assist with screen recording on laptop speaker or VGA capturing device)


Fill in our volunteer form, so we can get back to you and arrange the time that suits you best to help us out:

Specify the roles you would like to help with. We will get back to you to confirm your role & time shift selections once the program is complete. So you will be able to still change the tasks you want perform afterwards. However, please give us a good indication what you'd like to help with already.
Please provide us with your cell phone number, so we can contact you during the event - in case we need to get in touch.
Provide any additional info that might be of interest to us.